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Using openness to help solve global challenges

The OIS mission at Aarhus University

"Open Innovation in Science is an opportunity to use our research to create a strong knowledge foundation that can bring Denmark to the forefront of systems and technologies for the green transition. It requires collaboration across research, industry and organizations for us to generate new knowledge that can accelerate innovation and development of green solutions for the future."

Eskild Holm Nielsen, Dean at the Faculty of Technical Sciences, Aarhus University

”Open Innovation in Science brings researchers and companies together at the very early stages in the development of new knowledge and technology – long before an idea becomes a potential business. The model strengthens the ability of the universities to bring our knowledge in play, and the society benefits from ground-breaking solutions that works in practice.”

Kristian Pedersen, Dean at the Faculty of Natural Science, Aarhus University

"OIS accelerates discoveries and innovations by bringing together university researchers and industry in patent-free collaborations where the results are shared publicly. The set-up acts as building blocks for downstream innovation that everyone is free to use for commercial purposes. The model seems particularly suitable for early-stage mission-driven problems that are too complex for any party to solve alone."

Mikkel Skovborg, Senior Vice President for Innovation, The Novo Nordisk Foundation