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Join us and the Open Innovation in Science

It takes a village. The world is facing multiple wicked problems that are too complex for any one party to solve alone. We need to share knowledge, tools and competencies and source input from non-obvious sources to zoom in on solutions. OIS is one of many needed approaches and the OIS centre aims to make it easier for newcomers to get started.

Multiple initiatives have already been started within drug discovery, sustainable foods, and CO2 capture involving AU, many other partnering universities and the industry from several sectors. 

Want to join us or suggest new initiatives? You are always welcome to reach out to us! We'd be happy to discuss how the OIS model can benefit you and your field of work.

"Every time we transfer the OIS concept to a new research area or sector, we discover new challenges and opportunities. It's never a matter of simple copy-pasting - it's always about tailoring the solution to every field and value chain through dialogue with its stakeholders."

Marie Louise Conradsen, Head of Open Innovation in Science, Aarhus University

ODIN is our first formal Open Innovation in Science platform. In ODIN, open collaboration across the university-industry divide help us gain a better understanding of disease at the molecular level, which is essential to accelerate drug discovery. With a starting point in unmet patient needs, ODIN has funded 11 research projects about biomarkers and target validation.